365 Days: This Day: 6 Feelings I Had Watching The Netflix Sequel

Warning! Some spoilers for 365 Days: This Day are ahead. Please put on your finest designer clothes and head to a beautiful Sicilian beach until you’ve caught up! 

Well, folks, after a wait of nearly two years, we finally got the sequel to the hit film, 365 Days, as part of the 2022 Netflix movie schedule. Late April saw the release of 365 Days: This Day, which follows Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (Michele Morrone) as they marry, have enormous, mob-based difficulties, and continue to have sexytimes in a wide variety of places as one of the most sexually explicit movies on Netflix right now.

I’ve already given everyone a rundown of what you need to remember about 365 Days before diving into the sequel, and seeing as how I’ve now watched the new film (which is sure to give every viewer lots of wild emotions), I thought it would be good to take a look at some of the many feelings I had while watching 365 Days: This Day. Let’s get to it!

massimo and laura in bed in 365 days: this day on netflix

(Image credit: Netflix)


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