5 Marvel Characters Simone Ashley Would Be Perfect To Play

Just about every member of the Bridgerton cast has experienced a major uptick in popularity as a result of joining the hit, Netflix original period drama from producer Shonda Rhimes. Simone Ashley – who stars as the sharp, headstrong, and independent Lady Kate Bridgerton (née Sharma) – is certainly no exception. Although, it should be noted that her role in the Sex Education cast – another mature Netflix hit – was really her true breakthrough.

Now, as tends to be the case any time a notable up-and-coming talent becomes a major point of conversation, I cannot help but wonder when Marvel Studios will come knocking on the 27-year-old, British actress’ door with an offer to star in some upcoming Marvel movies (or on her own show for Disney+). Regardless of when or how, the key thing to consider before Simone Ashley makes her superhero  movies debut is what role she is right for. Perhaps the perfect choice is one of the five following Marvel characters I have listed below, starting with one who has a unique connection one of Ashley’s lesser-known talents…tangentially speaking.

Songbird from Marvel Comics

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)


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