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MONROVIA – Ahead of the 2023 general and presidential elections in Liberia, the shattered and disbanded Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) is said to be exerting efforts to encourage other like-minded opposition political parties to join the alliance as evidenced by a decision reached by the newly established People’s Liberation Party (PLP) to form a part of the collaboration.

It can be recalled that the CPP, which previously comprised of the All Liberian Party (ALP), Unity Party (UP), Alternative National Congress (ANC) and Liberty Party (LP), has been in disarray over personal ambitions and claims and counter claims over the voting process that could lead to the selection of a standard bearer for the party for years now.

The rigmarole and division within the CPP worsened following reports of the alleged alteration of the its frame work document and the constitution of one of its constituent parties’-a move which led to the filing of multiple lawsuits against hierarchies of the collaboration.

The situation left vast majority of Liberians, especially those yielding for a change in national leadership due to extreme economic hardship and poverty, disappointed and frustrated.

Liberians were hoping that the four original parties that formed the merger could hold together due to the effective and efficient manner and form in which the affairs of the CPP were being steered few years after its formation.

But it appears that the once vibrant opposition CPP is rejuvenating in a bid to once regain the trust and confidence of the Liberian people.

As part of efforts to amalgamate and rekindle, the CPP has been extending invitations to other opposition political parties to form part of the collaboration in a bid to ensure that President George Manneh Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) does not get a second term come 2023.

PLP joins

One of those political parties invited to join the CPP is the People’s Liberation Party of Dr. Daniel E. Cassell.

The PLP was established and officially certificated as a full-fledged political party in Liberia by the National Elections Commission (NEC) on December 21, 2020.

Dr, Daniel E. Cassell, who holds a Master and Doctorate degrees in Psychology from North Central University in the United States, is the Standard Bearer of the PLP.

In a communication dated July 29, 2022 and addressed to the Chairman of the ANC Senator Daniel Naatehn, under the signature of its National Chairman Mr. Tapple E. Doe, the PLP unanimously agreed to join the CPP.

According to the party, the decision was reached by both the Executive Committee and the General Policy Commission (GPC).

The GPC is the highest decision making body of the party.

“The People’s Liberation Party (PLP), through its Executive Committee and General Policy Commission (GPC), the highest decision making body of the party presents compliments and wishes to acknowledge receipt of your communication dated July 21, 2022, inviting the PLP to join the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).”

“Mr. Chairman, following review of your invitation, and based on discussions that we have had with you all, the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) hereby accepts your invitation to join the CPP. We look forward to working along with you all to provide the Liberian people a viable alternative for future elections”.

However, some executives are not either cognizant or in favor of the decision reached by the PLP to join the CPP.

Disenchantment and confusion may likely ensue among executives of the party over the decision reached.

Standard Bearer’s signature omitted

The signatures of the Standard Bearer and Secretary General Dr. Cassell and Daniel Gayou were not placed on the acceptance letter sent to the ANC.

Dr. Cassell, who is currently in the US could not be reached for comments up to press time.

The reason for the omission of their signatures is not yet known.

However, SG Gayou disclosed that the decision was reached and endorsed by the GPC.

Party not tie to individuals

He justified that though the decision may not go the way of others, the party is not tie around one person, including the Standard Bearer.

He maintained that decisions endorsed by the majority are bounding upon all.

“The reason we have been quiet is to finalize everything before we hit the media. But it’s clear and done (that PLP has joined the CPP)”.

When asked whether the Standard Bearer was in the know of the decision taken by the party, Mr. Gayou stated: “there was a meeting held with the Standard Bearer and besides that, this is a political party. If majority meet and endorse a document, the party goes by it. The party is not tie around some particular individuals”.

Mr. Gayou, however, pointed out that all parties, including the Standard Bearer were involved in the discussions to finalize the decision to join the CPP.

A new CPP?

According to him, the CPP will now be “modified under new arrangements” following the joining of the collaboration by the PLP.

He disclosed that a technical working group would be established to work out the modalities. 

“The Standard Bearer was involved in all of the processes and he is fully aware of our decision”.

Mr. Gayou stated that he and Dr. Cassell did not sign the communication sent by the party to ANC Chairman Daniel Naatehn because, the technical works that will form a new CPP have not been finalized.

He sensed deception among few members of the GPC of the party over their denial of endorsing the move to join the CPP.

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