As the Ward 3 Field Clears for a Frumin-Goulet Matchup, Other Candidates Vow to Stick Around

The Ward 3 Council race dropped from nine candidates down to six in the blink of an eye. But for all of that rapid consolidation behind Matt Frumin in an effort to stop Eric Goulet, it doesn’t seem the field will be shrinking any further before June 21.

For now, at least, the four other candidates in the crowded raceDeirdre Brown, Beau Finley, Monte Monash, and Phil Thomas—say they aren’t going anywhere. Each one still sees a path to victory and plans to stay in the race through primary day, despite the growing view of many activists that the contest will come down to a heads-up battle between the progressive-backed Frumin and business (and charter school) friendly Goulet.

With that conventional wisdom hardening, the pressure on those remaining candidates to clear the field is rising. Palisades advocate Tricia Duncan called on her colleagues to follow her lead in a letter announcing her exit, so as to blunt the influence of the pro-charter groups pouring money into the race on Goulet’s behalf, and there’s surely been some behind-the-scenes jockeying as well. Ward 3 ANC Jason Fink, one of Thomas’ top supporters, tells Loose Lips that the local politicos backing Frumin haven’t been shy about making that case to the other candidates over the past few days, though he is adamant that Thomas is “110 percent” staying in the race.

The pressure is perhaps most intense on Finley, the ANC 3C chair who has tried to grab the progressive lane (with only limited success, if his fundraising numbers are any indication). Finley is probably the candidate most closely aligned with Frumin, so it stands to reason that he could pull some votes away from him. Brown has some progressive positions but moderates a bit on other issues, while Thomas and Monash overlap much more with Goulet, so they generally aren’t viewed as direct threats to Frumin.

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