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Though the bookies have Barça favorites to get this meet, past advocates an unusual result. If history trends are to be perused, at what time the Catalans have a comfy escort in LaLiga – over nine points – they don’t last to triumph the derby beside their bitterest of opponents .

Barcelona are assembling good at present with a 10 – point mitigate on Madrid – Atlético are now second, a point more affluent than their neighbors – as well as in the 3 Clásicos where the same has been the scenario before, the losers have not missing.

Real Madrid 2-1 Barcelona in Season 2012-13

The match in this season was the prevalent league benefit departing into a Clásico plus was developed by the time they met convened on the day of match at the Bernabéu. The Barcelona of Roura/Vilanova was crooked over because of goals from Ramos and Benzema together with Morata giving the help for the strike of Frenchman. Cristiano began on the counter, reinstated by the juvenile Spaniard Morata, but arrived in the 57th minute for shone and Kaká.

There is a one more memorial moment from this match. It was when Victor Valdés was sent after the last whistle for proverb to umpire Pérez Lasa, “You jugged it, you are unashamed” or words to those upshots.

Real Madrid 1-1 Barcelona in Season 2005-2006

With nearly 8 matches to go in the tournament, Rijkaard’s Barça played against their rivals in the Camp Nou among an eleven point benefit. Florentino Pérez had been enforced of Madrid since the head just one month before and the alliance was experiencing a change phase with López Caro jogging the counter plus fernando Martin as provisional president.


Regardless of the institutional as well as sporting calamity in the region of Real Madrid, guests left with a portion of the points plus this was among some extremely notorious umpiring decisions. A penalty was rewarded to the dwelling side, another was ignored for Madrid, and then Robeto Carlos was exposed red. But the goal placed by Ronaldo terminated out that penalty shot of Ronaldinho.

A success for Barcelona in the upcoming combat would offer them an unquestionable 13 point benefit for the face-off, on the other hand, a success for Madrid could flash some anticipation for their supporters. But merely the most positive of them.

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