Bare-knuckle boxer wearing ‘Joker’ face paint KOs opponent in third round

Rusian MMA fighter turned bare-knuckle boxer Vaslily Palyok knocked out his opponent at a Parimatch event whilst wearing ‘Joker’ makeup for the fight

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Bare-knuckle boxer Vaslily Palyok fought in ‘Joker’ makeup as he knocked out his opponent Vardan Martoyan at a Parimatch event.

In their fight, Palyok was dropped by a left hook from Martoyan with just over 30 seconds left of the first round.

The Russian – who is a former MMA fighter – managed to get back to his feet and beat the ten count to continue fighting.

In the third round, Palyok forced Martoyan against the ropes and landed a one-two combination that floored his opponent.

Martoyan spat out his mouthpiece and held his left eye in pain whilst on the canvas, being unable to get back to his feet as Palyok was awarded the TKO win.

He riled up and bowed in front of the crowd before rushing to Martoyan’s corner in a nice show of respect to check on his opponent’s injury.

Little is known about the 33-year-old’s bare-knuckle boxing career, but he did compete for Russian MMA promotions ACB and Fight Nights Global.

His last MMA fight took place in November 2019, when he was knocked out by a spinning back fist in just 20 seconds at an event for the ACA promotion.

Although losing his fight to Alexei Martynov at ACB 61 in 2017, Palyok got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend Tatyana in the cage.

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“I had this planned for the last year and a half,” Palyok told RT Sport about the proposal.

“We were dating for four years, and the last two years we’ve been living together. I always wanted to propose exactly this way, exactly in the cage.”

It wasn’t long before Palyok and his fiancee received his first engagement present, with ACB President Mairbek Khasiev gifting them new Toyota Corolla car after the fight.

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