Best Dog DNA Tests You Can Do from Home 2022

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Pet parents tend to be quite passionate about their pet’s health and for good reason. There are many different conditions and diseases that dog owners can prepare for simply by knowing their dog’s breed. In part, this is because the genetic predisposition of each dog will make them more vulnerable to certain health conditions.

Still, there is no way of knowing every health-related risk when you first get them. This is true whether your dog is adopted or bought by a breeder. You can either deal with these problems as they arise or get a dog DNA kit to test your dog and prepare for the things they’re most susceptible to. With a simple cheek swab, you can learn more about the health risks associated with your dog’s genetic makeup, diseases they may carry, and even your dog’s breed mix.

Dog DNA testing kits have gained a lot of popularity over these past few years. With various testing kits available, it’s important to evaluate your options to determine the best dog DNA tests for your needs. For example, each dog DNA test will provide you with different information about the family tree, dog’s breed, personality traits, pet genetic makeup, and health. 

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