Beuzelin ends with a Big Bang, Latest Racing News

Louis-Philippe Beuzelin loves a little fist pump when he lands a big win.

Spirit Of Big Bang’s victory in a Class 3 race on Sunday would not come anywhere near his Group-winning deeds aboard Countofmontecristo, Bold Thruster or Celavi.

But the Frenchman was still seen punching his clenched fist in the air as they came from last to hit the post first.

Maybe the adrenaline rush was triggered by the grandstand finish or the unlikely win of a resuming galloper, or both.

Or the fact he had won a rare treble – after he saluted earlier aboard his pet mare Celavi and Amore Amore.

To the Barbados-raised and England-trained hoop, however, it was more relief and validation.

Until Sunday, the wins had dried up in almost two months, save for Harry Dream on March 19. 

He also copped flak for some of his rides, including Celavi’s recent defeats.

The naysayers would have piped down after the Merlion Trophy winner’s emphatic return to form in the Kranji Stakes A race (1,200m), but Beuzelin humbly said it was all about the mare, not him.

“It was a symbolic win on Celavi. She is at the twilight of her racing career, and it was important that she won a race again,” he said.

“I was quite confident with her, but it all depended on the early pace. 

“That was the only question mark, but in the end, it didn’t make much difference, she was too good. It was a great day at the office. 

“Amore Amore was a surprise, even if the horse was fit, everything went well and the horse ran a great race.

“In saying this, I could have lost on Celavi. But, for a change, luck was on my side.

“We can never tell in racing. For example, yesterday (Sunday), I thought Celavi was my only good chance, and I end up riding three winners.

“Amore Amore was a surprise even if I fancied him a little, but Spirit Of Big Bang was the cherry on the top. 

“He has been working really well and I did tell Michael (Clements) that he had improved from last year.

“But over 1,100m, realistically, I thought he might just run well enough for his next race. It’s fantastic that he won, and gave me a treble.

“On the flip side, I could head into a meeting thinking I can ride at least two winners, but end up with not a single winner.”

On 85 Singapore winners thus far, Beuzelin, 31, is slowly approaching his first century, but the level-headed rider knows hat-tricks are at the sharp end of the bell curve.

“You’re only as good as your last winner,” he said. 

“Every week, I go to the races with the same confidence. I try and win with every horse I ride.

“In the last couple of weeks, I’ve not been riding good horses, but I didn’t panic.

“I just kept putting my head down, and kept working hard. It was a classic example of staying cool under pressure.

“I’ve been in Singapore for 31/2 years now, and I’ve gained a lot of experience on the mechanism behind the races here.

“I wake up every day at 5am to ride trackwork because it’s an investment, but I also work with great pleasure and confidence.

“Michael and I have been working as a team for a while now. He supports me 100 per cent, I ride his horses in trackwork, but that’s while hoping I’d ride them in races eventually. 

“Things move fast in racing, jockeys pinch your rides, it’s part of the game. I just have to keep calm and keep chipping away.”


Sunday’s Singapore stipendiary stewards’ report highlights

DAVID’S SLING (9th/$17)
When questioned, jockey Manoel Nunes could offer no explanation for the horse’s performance. He said David’s Sling travelled only fairly and failed to respond when ridden out in the straight, during which he made a respiratory noise.

ALEXANDER (9th/$12)
When questioned on the performance, jockey Mohd Zaki said that he had been instructed from a wide barrier to attempt a forward run. 
But, when runners to his inside improved, he had to race wide and could not come back for cover as the gelding was overracing. 
He added that as a result of the hard run, Alexander was left without a finishing effort. 

SUPER TALENT (4th/$153)
When questioned regarding his riding of Super Talent, jockey Amirul Ismadi said that he had been instructed to attempt to settle in midfield. After beginning only fairly, he rode his mount out shortly after the start to attempt to take up that position. 
He added that with the fast tempo, Super Talent failed to display the necessary pace to go forward. He then allowed the gelding to settle where comfortable. 
When questioned regarding his vigour in the straight, Amirul said that he intended to shift to the outside of Alexander shortly after straightening. 
But, when Fight To Victory held his position on the outside, he was obliged to shift back in to obtain clear running. However, with runners in front of him, he was obliged to stop riding twice in the straight and, approaching the winning post, he was eased when awkwardly placed on heels. 
The Stewards noted his explanations, but warned him that he must ride all his mounts so as to leave no room for query. 

Returned lame near-fore.

STAR EMPIRE (last/$124)
Returned lame near-fore and with anhidrosis.

CIRCUIT STAR (4th/$62)
Jockey Oscar Chavez was questioned regarding his riding and if there was an opportunity for him to obtain cover in the early stages. Chavez said that from the outside barrier, and as the gelding had previously resented the kickback, he was reluctant to restrain his horse and take up a trailing position with cover in the backstraight. 
He added that, although obliged to race wide throughout, this was to him the better option to allow Circuit Star to perform to his best. 
Trainer James Peters said that he had anticipated Circuit Star going forward and settling just outside the leaders but not being caught extremely wide throughout. 
When asked if there was an opportunity for Chavez to try and obtain cover passing the 800m, Peters said that those tactics had not been discussed and it would have been preferred rather than covering excessive ground.
Chavez’s explanation was noted, but stewards warned him that in their opinion, he had erred in not trying to get cover in the backstraight, and he must ride his mounts so as to leave no room for query.

BLAZING KID (last/$13)
When questioned regarding the performance, Chavez said that due to the delayed start, the gelding did not like standing in the barriers for long, became restless and did not jump cleanly. 
He added that his mount travelled only fairly and appeared to resent the kickback and, when ridden out, the horse did not respond. 
Blazing Kid returned lame near-fore. 

Returned lame near-fore.

RESURGENCE (6th/$159)
An inquiry into the running and handling of the gelding will be held today at 2pm.

GOOD CATCH (8th/$27)
Returned lame off-hind.

THE BULLET (9th/$16)
When questioned regarding the performance, Nunes said that the gelding is still immature and was quite agitated behind the barriers. 
He added that as instructed, he allowed The Bullet to race forward. But the gelding was not suited when Water Rocket improved to his outside and, when ridden out in the straight, he failed to run on. 
The Bullet returned as a roarer. 

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