Call Your Mother’s Expansion is a Boon to More Than Just Bagel Lovers

Call Your Mother could have gone with average eggs for its sought-after breakfast sandwiches, but a taste test steered chef and co-owner Daniela Moreira in another direction. “We tried one egg from a normal distributor and one from Earth N Eats farm and the difference was incredible,” she says. They even made her a little nostalgic for where she grew up. “Free-range eggs are bright yellow. They remind me of eggs from Argentina. That’s why the pasta is yellow in Argentina.” 

At the time of the taste test, in 2018, Call Your Mother was a fledgling business with just one fixed location in Park View. “We said ‘OK, we can save in other aspects of the business, but this is something we’ll stick to,’” Moreira says. Fresh eggs from a local farm cost more than conventional eggs. At the time, Moreira estimated the cost at three times as much. “We said ‘We want to grow, we think we’re going to buy more, and we started a partnership,’” she says.

As Call Your Mother expanded from one store to six—with a seventh on the way in Logan Circle—so did their egg orders. Now there are 2,500 chickens at Earth N Eats, a family-owned farm in Southern Pennsylvania, that only lay eggs for Call Your Mother. Other than marrying her business partner, Andrew Dana, Moreira says visiting the chickens there was her favorite memory from 2021. “I was calling them my little buddies,” she says.

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