CAQ promises another $40 million for Quebec’s religious heritage

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ST-UBALDE — A re-elected Coalition Avenir Québec would invest $40 million over four years to preserve Quebec’s religious heritage.

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The money would be used to supplement two existing programs, which already have $20 million of financing per year.

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At a press conference on Sunday in front of a church in St-Ubalde, 75 kilometres west of Quebec City, François Legault said that Quebec is a secular state, but it is important to preserve the heritage left by our ancestors.

Protecting this “collective heritage” is part of the CAQ’s “nationalism,” he stressed.

Asked about his beliefs, Legault said he was non practicing but hopes there is something after death. He said it’s “important to give a meaning to life.”

One of the programs affected by Legault’s announcement, which repurposes places of worship for the needs of non-profits and other organizations, would see its funding rise from $5 million to $10 million.

The other program, which promotes Quebec’s religious heritage, would get an additional $5 million per year for an annual total of $20 million.

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