Closer to Erling Haaland, Man City’s Sharp Striker

Manchester City’s slick appearance in domestic competitions and the Champions League continues to be highlighted.

Most recently, on Saturday (17/9/2022) Pep Guardiola’s squad defeated Wolverhampton with a landslide score of 3-0.

Erling Haaland, the new Manchester City striker scored again in the match.

Unlike the previous goals, Haaland this time proved his ability to shoot hard from outside the penalty box.

The goal was Haaland’s 11th in the league this season.

This goal is also the first time Haaland has scored from outside the penalty box.

Of course, this fact is not easy to miss, including Jack Grealish, his colleague.

Grealish once again confirmed that Man City this season will be much stronger with a striker at Haaland’s level.

Haaland’s prowess in attack is unquestionable.

He did not need time to adapt, proved to be able to immediately score goals for Man City.

For Grealish, Haaland is the best player in the penalty box.

“In my opinion, this season we have the best striker in the world who is obsessed with scoring goals and getting into the opponent’s penalty box. That is a brilliant ability for a striker,” continued Grealish, quoted by SportReviews from the official Manchester City website.

“It means now it’s up to us to send the ball into the box. I spoke to him to say that.”

Haaland’s sharpness will indeed be a special touch for Man City this season.

The Citizens squad has been known to be strong in recent years, the arrival of Haaland will complete that.

Imagine, statistics note that Haaland has scored 100 goals in the last 99 matches in all competitions.

This figure is proof of its effectiveness and sharpness.

Furthermore, Manchester City will face Manchester United in the Premier League after the international break this two weeks.

Will Haaland show his sharpness again by scoring a goal against Manchester United? Interesting looking forward to it.

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