Could Tales Of The Walking Dead’s Terry Crews Return For Rick Or Negan’s Spinoffs? The Actor Weighs In

Spoilers below for the Season 1 premiere of AMC’s Tales of the Walking Dead, so be warned if you haven’t yet watched!

With its opening hour, the anthology spinoff Tales of the Walking Dead delivered a reunion for Terry Crews and Olivia Munn years after their time in HBO’s gone-too-soon drama The Newsroom. Their titular characters Joe and Evie met and experienced quite a wild and singular ride within this expanding franchise, as their attempts to reconnect with familiars from their pasts didn’t go the way that either of them expected. Viewers almost watched Crews’ doomsday prepper being killed off by a potential love interest who’d been traumatized and turned murderous, but he thankfully escaped that particular dark fate. Ultimately, Joe walked into the metaphorical sunset with Evie and their pet goat, allowing for him (and/or Evie) to return in one of the many upcoming Walking Dead spinoffs.

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