Courteney Cox: What To Watch If You Like The Scream Star

Courteney Cox has been around for decades in both movies and TV. Beginning her career in the eighties, including a big appearance in the Bruce Springsteen music video, “Dancing in the Dark,” she has continued to show just how talented she is.

The actress has been in some of the biggest movies and TV shows of all time, with one of her biggest being Scream, where she plays Gale Weathers and has reprised the role in the films that followed. However, Cox has done plenty of other great roles that I’m sure you’ve heard about her from besides her horror movie status. From Friends to Cougar Town, here is where you can watch some of Courteney Cox’s best movies and TV shows if you liked her in Scream. 

Courteney Cox in Family Ties.

(Image credit: NBC)

Family Ties (Paramount Plus)

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