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Manchester United will be without Cristiano Ronaldo when they travel to Liverpool’s headquarters in the postponed Premier League 2021-2022 match on Wednesday 20 April 2022. Ronaldo could not defend the Red Devils because he was still grieving because his baby son died after giving birth to his lover, Georgina Rodriguez.

Cristiano Ronaldo has just been hit by sad news. Tuesday (19/4/2022), his lover Georgina Rodriguez is planning to give birth to twins, which are male and female. Unfortunately, only one is born into the world alive, namely the female sex.

The birth of her lover, Georgina Rodriguez, is only one day away from the North West Derby match between Liverpool vs Man United. The 2021-2022 Premier League match will be held at Anfield Stadium.

Therefore, as reported on the club’s official website, Man United has confirmed that its players will not participate in the match. This is so that the player has time to grieve.

Ronaldo himself is known as a family lover. Therefore, it is believed that Ronaldo will continue to strengthen Georgina Rodriguez by being beside him.

Ronaldo’s absence is practically like a crushing blow for Man United. Because, the Portuguese player is known as the Red Devils’ goal machine, who is projected to help Manchester United finish in the top four in the 2021-2022 Premier League.

However, a number of respects are still given, including from Liverpool fans. This was done as a form of condolences for Liverpool supporters.

When the game entered the seventh minute, the Liverpool fans would give applause. This refers to Ronaldo’s back number with Man United, 7. That way, Man United must struggle without Ronaldo against Liverpool later. Of course, the absence of Ronaldo will reduce the power of the Red Devils in that match.

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