Deputy Minister Isaac Doe Allegedly Beats Up Girlfriend in the Streets, Leaves Several Bodily Cuts and Bruises on Her – FrontPageAfrica

MONROVIA – Mr. Isaac Doe, Deputy Minister for Youth Development at the Ministry of Youth and Sports is entangled in a gender-based violence situation – he allegedly beat and humiliated his girlfriend in the street at night hours.

FrontPageAfrica has decided to withhold the nameand identity of the victim.

FrontPageAfrica has seen a video of the victim with multiple bruises and cuts on her body.

While neither the victim nor Mr. Doe responded to calls and text messages concerning the incident that unfolded, FrontPageAfrica gathered that it occurred Saturday evening at D’ Calabash on the Congo Town backroad.

According to the eyewitness, after the victim had gotten into her car to leave the area, the furious minister got on a motorcycle and crossed in front of the car, thereby, forcing her to stop the car. He forcefully pulled her out of the car while at the same time shouting and raining invectives at her. He took the car key from her after a few minutes of tussle, drove the car away and left her on the scene.

FrontPageAfrica gathered that the case has not been reported to neither the police nor the Ministry of Gender yet because Mr. Doe has been exerting all efforts to keep the situation under control, taking into consideration the effect it would have on him as a public figure.

However, the Minister of Youth and Sports, ZeogarWilson, told FrontPageAfrica that he heard of the alleged assault though there has been no formal complaint to the Ministry against Deputy Minister Doe. 

According to Minister Wilson, his deputy is an appointee of the President, therefore, he (Wilson) does not have the power to suspend him or take any punitive action against him. He, however, said, the Ministry strongly condemns violence against women and hopes that the law on gender and sexual based violence will take its course and Deputy Minister Doe is investigated and found guilty. 

He also informed FrontPageAfrica that upon hearing the news concerning his deputy minister, he placed several phone calls to him but Min. Doe did not respond nor return the call.

In September 2020, President George Weah issued a proclamation declaring Rape and all forms of Sexual and Gender Based Violence as a National Emergency.

The Proclamation came in wake of the continuous increase of rape and sexual and gender based violence cases  in most parts of Liberia, even though the rape law seeks to serve as a deterrent, to would-be violators.

Being cognizant of the psychological pain sexual and gender-based violence causes, President of Weah, established the Inter-Ministerial Taskforce on Sexual and Gender Based Violence in response to the scourge of rape and other forms of SGBV perpetrated mostly against women, girls, boys and other vulnerable people in Liberia.

“My Administration will spare no effort in ensuring that the epidemic of rape and all forms of SGBV is curtailed in Liberia. I therefore, urge all Liberians, activists, advocates, along with local and international stakeholders, to work with the government in defeating the scourge of rape in our country,” Pres. Weah said.

FrontPageAfrica has not been able to ascertain if President Weah would take punitive action against Mr. Doe being a member of his cabinet involved in gender-based violence. The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Min. Nathaniel McGill did not respond to calls and text messages enquiring what action the Office of the President is expected to take against Mr. Doe.

Meanwhile, Mr. Doe who is also a panelist on the SPOON Talkshow has been suspended from the show by the CEO until an investigation is conducted into the matter. 

According to Mr. Stanton Whiterspoon said the SPOON family condemns every form of violence against women.

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