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Revving up the tuning game

Buying a car nowadays is not something to scoff at. For a lot of people, buying a car entails hard work and perhaps even years of saving, because even the cheapest brand-new car costs a substantial amount of money. Once you have purchased a car, whether, for necessity or pleasure, you want to make sure it always performs at its optimum level. Ever wondered how you can ensure your car is always in tiptop shape? This is where DynoPro Philippines comes in.

DynoPro Philippines is a state-of-the-art facility that offers the use of an Automotive and Powersports Dynamometer for baseline run and performance dyno tuning. A dynamometer, also known as a “dyno,” is a machine that measures the vehicle’s torque, wheel horsepower, and AFR.

A baseline dyno run allows you to get the best average data of your vehicle. We highly suggest having the baseline of your vehicle’s power determined before you make upgrades. Every car comes with a specified horsepower, which refers to the ability an engine produces. Baseline allows you to gauge what modifications are needed so your car would run at the optimum level. It is a very useful tool in helping you decide which modifications are needed.

Performance dyno tuning is modifying your vehicle’s ECU while running on the dyno. The dyno simulates a road and allows running at high speed in a safe and controlled environment. Tuning improves a car’s performance.

Performance dyno tuning allows you to make real-time adjustments that maximize your car’s performance, thereby saving you money on repairs in the long run. It is not merely for drivers who want to go real fast. The more practical benefits of dyno tuning are providing maximum power, better drivability, good gas mileage, and a smoother ride. It also increases your car’s horsepower and returns it to stock fuel economy. It also prevents or minimizes backfire, resulting in loss of vehicle power.

Performance dyno tuning quantifies upgrades, which tells you whether such upgrades are worth it. Tuners custom-tune the car based on the client’s preferences and the vehicle’s builds or upgrades. The tuner can tweak the box to adjust the mapping. You can see the vehicle’s data and actual gain from custom tune through the dyno graph. Everything is based on actual data, where smart money comes in. By availing of the services that DynoPro Philippines offers, not only are you maximizing your car’s potential, you are also prolonging its life.

DynoPro Philippines welcomes all Tuners. ECU Tuners are not just our clients, they are also our partners in the industry. We offer Tuner Incentives and a Tuner Directory to link them directly to possible clients. With this partnership, we broaden the awareness in ECU tuning for car and motorcycle users. Some of the tuners are Speedworks Engineering, Profab Fabrication & Tuning, Ralph de Jesus, Gertooning, MRD Performance, Elite Project Motorsports, Titan Works, MohSpeed Racing, EcuShop Philippines, BertSpeed, JTRacing, NSR Tuned, and many more.

DynoPro Philippines currently has two branches: one in Quezon City (125 Mindanao Avenue, Sauyo, Quezon City) with mobile number 09171893184, and another in Parañaque City (Jesusa Building, 8263 Dr. A. Santos Ave, San Antonio, Parañaque City) with mobile number 09171186014. You can also call their customer service number at 09171305695 or visit DynoPro Philippines on Facebook. Both branches have dynamometers for cars and motorcycles.





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