Elissa Silverman Ventures ‘Into the Belly of the Beast,’ Patches Things Up With Jack Evans

At-Large Councilmember Elissa Silverman admits that she felt like she was heading “into the belly of the beast” when she swung by a soiree honoring outgoing Events DC CEO Greg O’Dell last week.

A swanky convention center gala full of a who’s who of D.C.’s business class is certainly not the most welcoming audience for a lefty lawmaker like Silverman, a vocal skeptic of the tax breaks and development deals that keep that crowd happy. Yet there she was, playing nice with developers, lawyers and even former Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, who snagged a photo of them together for his (very active) Instagram.

That jarring juxtaposition is as close to Loose Lips catnip as anything in D.C. politics can get, so he called up Silverman to find out what, exactly, she was doing at O’Dell’s big party. As she tells it, her goal was to “send a message” of sorts; she may not always agree with the city’s business boosters, but she values those who engage in good faith on big questions.

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