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Jardaih Johnson, an NSA Personnel is suffering from enlarged stomach, the sickness he got while on assignment in Grand Gedeh County

Monrovia – The family of ailing Jardiah Johnson, a National Security Agency (NSA) personnel that has been suffering from swollen stomach for the past one year is calling on the government of Liberia and all well-meaning Liberians to come to his aid in order to seek medical treatment outside Liberia.

Speaking to FrontPageAfrica, the brother of Mr. Johnson, Andrew W. Junior said, the sickness of his brother continues to worsen by the day. He said, he has been refused by several health facilities in the country.

According to Junior, a letter was taken to the authority of the NSA and follow-ups were made but all of that did not materialize.

“We have carried a letter including the medical result from the hospital to the Director Pearson to see how best he can help my brother but since then no response,” Junior, the brother of the sick NSA personnel said.

Junior added that Mr. Johnson has been with the National Security Agency since 2014 and has been for foreign training in Egypt.

After Johnson came from his training in Egypt, he was assigned in Grand Gedeh County and there he took sick, his brother Junior said.

“One morning when he got up, he started feeling the pains from his heart down to his stomach and when he went to the hospital the doctors at the hospital told he was suffering from sugar,” Junior said.

According to Junior, they started giving the NSA personnel the medicine to cure the sugar. While giving him the medicines, Junior said his brother’s stomach started swelling. He added that they went back to the hospital and werel that Mr. Johnson was suffering from liver problems.

“The doctors at the Catholic Hospital managed to take some of the water from his stomach but the water within no time came back and it even more than ever before,” he told FPA.

He added: “He has been sick for more than a year. He has been to  JFK, St. Joseph Catholic Hospital, ELWA Hospital and the Chinese Hospital but there is no solution for him to be cured,” Junior lamented.

“They have opened his stomach two times to take the water from in his stomach but still the water came back.

“We can bath him; he does not step out of his house. The only thing he can do for himself is to eat, but he is not eating much because his stomach is big and there is no space left for the food. He doesn’t sleep. I myself do not sleep because I had to take care of him.

“This time around he can breathe fast, fast. He cannot breathe normally. Only his head and his hands are small, the rest of his body swells up. When you touch him, your hand will go inside the flesh.”

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