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MONROVIA – Thousands of partisans as well as sympathizers of Liberia’s ruling party – the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) on Saturday gathered at the party’s political headquarters in Oldest Congo Town to celebrate 17 years of existence as a vibrant political establishment and to reflect on how far the party has come since its establishment in 2005.

By Ibrahim A. Sherif & Magretta Mulbah with LINA

Headed by its influential leader President George Manner Weah, CDcians donned their regular party regalia in dominant blue with a mix of red and white to allude to its popular maxim of “The Blue Revolution” of the party as well as a sign of patriotism for the country they hold dearly.

Speaking at the party’s official anniversary ceremony, the captain of the blue revolution ship, President George M. Weah stated that June 18 is a historical day in the history of the CDC which according to him started as a movement of the people 17 years back.

“This is a great day in the history of our party, Mighty Congress for Democratic Change. It has been 17 years since we founded this dynamic organization as the movement of the people,” the first partisan of the CDC noted.

He added that the CDC was established in 2005 as the Liberia National Congress which later on metamorphosed as the Congress for Democratic Change.

“As the standard-bearer and political leader, I want to give a heartfelt welcome to each and every one of you here today and extend my personal congratulations to all of you for conducting yourselves in a mature, peaceful, and orderly manner that has become characteristics of this great party and its partisans,” President Weah told a mammoth crowd of CDcians as they applaud thunderously.

The CDC political leader emphasized that the peaceful manner in which CDcians have conducted themselves over the years has contributed immensely to the survivability of the party for years while they were in the opposition which, according to him, paved their way to State Power through a democratic presidential election in 2017.

“We have come a very long way, fellow partisans, we fought many battles, some of them unforeseen and unexpected but we fought peacefully through the ballots and never through violence or bullets.

We have always been a party of peace, the CDC Leader averred, adding, “People tested our resolve but we never resulted to violence and accepted our fate peacefully and kindly. Because of the love of our country”, the Liberian leader asserted.

President Weah maintained that what people did not realize is that they (CDcians) love their quest of leadership because of the love of country, as such they could not touch Liberians peace, Liberians dignity, Liberia’s honor because “we were hoping for the day they will stir the affairs of the country.”

“We were tried and tested but through perseverance, through persistence and with the courage of our conviction we eventually succeeded. As it is often said that what God has for you will always see your face”, President Weah stated.

Meanwhile, the CDC stalwart reflected on how the party came to being, citing “distinguished partisans, how did the CDC get started? Well, let me share with you the day of our history. Back in 2005 many Liberian asked me to participate in the general elections. Based on that, we constituted a 12 member committee with every member in an acting position because they believe in the democratic principle that no one should hold a position unless elected by a convention.”

Adding: “As we moved forward we started with young and dynamic brains as well as older folks that will guide the process, we went to the United States where we recruited our first founding chairman of the party in the diaspora Samuel D. Tweh – now Finance Minister.

He narrated that the membership drive for the establishment of the party continued in other parts of the world including African countries where he recruited the current Chairman of the party, Mulbah K. Morlu and the rest became history.

“After we were fully formed and registered as a political party. We participated in the first election in 2005. According to public statistics, we won the first round with 28.22% of the votes and went into a runoff as the leading party. But in the second round we who were first were told that we came second. Being a peace-loving people we continue our quest for leadership. Now it is the same God who has brought us here today because he has a greater plan for us”, the Liberian leader explained.

The Liberian Leader extolled all those who have served the Chairmanship of the CDC from its foundation to date which according to him, their collective and successive efforts and leadership brought the party where it is today.

President Weah urged his partisans of the CDC to do a deep reflection on the progress made so far and the need to hold together for the betterment of the country while also calling on them to remember all of the fallen heroes and heroines of the party who helped to make the party what it is currently.

“What I can tell you is that they did not struggle in vain. The Liberia that they wanted to see beautiful – this is the Liberia today, The Liberia where they wanted to see free education this is Liberia today, the Liberia where they wanted to see that the economy is stabilized this is Liberia today, the Liberia where they wanted to see peace this is the Liberia today,” he indicated.

He added: “The Liberia where they wanted to see true democracy, this is Liberia today.  These noble partisans laid their lives in the struggle for freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and freedom of the press, and all these freedoms are now enjoyed in Liberia today. To all of these partisans who made the sacrifice in our struggle, this is now the country that you wanted.”

President Weah stated that Liberia is currently a nation where everyone can participate equally despite their political, religious, and ethnic differences and the nation is now a place where there are no political prisoners or prisoners of talks or portions.”

However, he lamented that although the fallen heroes and heroines are no more but their quest for genuine leadership must be achieved.

He assured his partisans that they will continue to uphold the visions of those departed as they continue to fulfill their dreams and ideas through leadership.

“Today is our anniversary but we must be aware that the struggle to develop our country continues, the struggle to build our economy continues, the struggle for an educated and healthy calculation continues, the struggle for growth and development continues and the struggle for peace and development continue,” the Liberian leader emphasized.

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