Flasher’s Sophomore Album Trades Post-Punk Angst for Dream-Pop WCP

Flasher has proved their resilience with the release of a stellar sophomore album showcasing their newfound dream-pop, synth-laden, catchier-than-the-CocteauTwins sound. Bright with snappy choruses and moody, soft melodies, Love is Yours proves the band has not only adapted to being a duo, reforming sans bassist Daniel Saperstein, but has risen to the occasion with fresh versatility. 

Despite the shared success of their 2018 debut album, Constant Image, creative and work-related differences with Saperstein couldn’t be overcome, leading to his departure in 2019. The new album, which drops June 17, trades in dark post-punk angst for warm tones and wonderfully woozy melodies. It demonstrates the band has evolved and refuses to be pigeon-holed by the fast-paced punk sounds of their home city. 

“This record is exploring more pop music that we love. It wasn’t a genre exercise,” Taylor Mulitz, Flasher’s singer and guitarist, tells City Paper. “It was about writing songs that came naturally to us, and making songs we were excited about.”

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