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MONROVIA – The weekend was rocked by two ‘fake’ disturbing videos alleged to have been sponsored by proponents of the Alternative National Congress on one hand and the government on the other hand.

First was a video circulating the internet in which the commentator linked the Weah-led government to international terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and Boko Haram.

In the same video, the commentator alleged that” the international community has uncovered a plot by President Weah to rig the elections…” The commentator also accused Grand Gedeans of training the malicious groups to cause instability in Liberia under President George Weah’s command. 


The Ministry of Justice immediately moved in to condemn the video and described as “malicious” while at the same time warning political opponents to refrain from plots that put the country’s security in jeopardy.

In a statement, the Minister of Justice, Cllr. Frank Musah Dean said, “No amount of desperation should lead us to toy with our security. We are calling on all and sundry, the International Community, the Press, Civil Society, the Liberia Council of Churches, the Inter-religious Council, political parties, and the general populace to rise up, in unison, and condemn the evil contained in this fake news video. Government is committed to free, transparent and democratic elections. The fact that no news outlet is named in the video speaks volumes.”

The international community including the United Nations and diplomatic missions in Liberia distanced itself from the video.

A statement issued on behalf of the International Community in Liberia by UN Resident Coordinator Niels Scott condemned any attempt to link the international community with allegations that have the propensity to undermine national security and threaten Liberia’s hard-earned peace.

“The International Community in Liberia wishes to state categorically that the statements contained in the piece have no connection with the International Community in Liberia nor are we aware of any basis for any allegation contained in this piece,” the International Community said.

“We strongly condemn any attempt to link the International Community with these allegations which could threaten and undermine national security. We stress that those responsible must be held accountable. We once again remind all political and media stakeholders of their responsibility to refrain from hate speech, disinformation, and violence, especially in the run-up to the 2023 elections.

The International Community in Liberia reaffirmed its continued commitment to peace and stability in Liberia.

At the heels of the condemnations, accusing fingers were pointed at the political leader of the Collaborating Political Parties, Alexander Cummings, as being the mastermind behind the video.

A second video surfaced on social media in which the commentator alleged that Cummings along with some “rich Liberians” in the diaspora are desperate to topple the Weah-led government. The commentator also accused Cummings and his “rich friends” of being the recent U.S. sanctions against Nathaniel McGill, Cllr. Syrennius Cephus and Bill Twehway – all of whom were very close lieutenants of Pres. Weah.

Launch An Investigation

Also commenting the video, Atty. Kebeh S. Freeman-Saryon, National Security Lawyer, stated that the video could cause a regional stir.

According to her, Grand Gedeh shares a common border with Ivory Coast and there have been incidences of malicious attacks around the border over the years. And, Ivory Coast has a history of terrorist attacks from Al Qaeda, which make it even more susceptible to chaos or misunderstanding.

She explained that internationally, Liberia has been one of the ally forces fighting against international terrorism in Africa, especially in west Africa. Liberia has been working alongside international partners in this fight.

Atty. Saryon: “To make such a video with content that distort the facts about Liberia’s role in the fight against terrorism, puts the country on a high alert level with countries that are unaware of the facts, and this could be used against Liberian citizens when traveling abroad.

“Condemnation of the video is insufficiently appertaining the accusations by the commentator. Liberia needs to launch a full-scale investigation and bring the perpetrator/s to book for what seems like a reckless comment made in total disregard for the country’s history and present activities as it relates to the fight against terrorism and its National Security.”

‘They Blame Me for Everything’

Speaking Sunday at the graduation ceremony of the Green Pastures School System in Marshall, Lower Margibi County, Mr. Cummings said he is often blamed and accused by the government because of his steadfastness in wanting to bring change to Liberia through the 2023 elections.

Cummings said: “They can say what they want to say. They lie on me about everything. They blame me for everything but it’s not true and it doesn’t matter. Let them keep blaming me, let them keep lying on me. The reality is, we are fighting for you, we are fighting for Liberia. Together we can change this country.

“We want a Liberia where we can give every Liberian the same benefit. We can’t promise you the outcome but the same opportunity should be for every Liberian.”

“We have to change Liberia so we can get better schools, better roads, running water, and electricity. We have the resources but our leaders are not spending the money on us. Our leaders are spending the money on themselves and that is what we need to change. We need a better Liberia.”

The man behind the video

FrontPageAfrica identified the commentator in the video about Pres. Weah’s alleged plans as Angus Scott who lives in Norwich, United Kingdom. He is an experienced Voiceover Artist and actor for hire. Scott has appeared as a supporting artist in several TV productions and feature films. His voice has been used by well-known national and High Street brands and charities for corporate video productions and elsewhere for more dramatic (and comedic) voices for sketch shows and audio plays. 

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