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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes Formula 1 driver, believes his Mercedes F1 car behaves “crazy”. He shared his experience from track to track after ending Friday practice at Hungarian Grand Prix.

Hamilton and his team mate George Russell failed to find themselves as front runners in FP1 and FP2. They regularly reported struggles to the team over the radio at the Hungarian track.

The seven times world champion sounded frustrated over the radio, when he was informed of gap from pacesetter. He remained 1.1 seconds behind Charles Leclerc, Ferrari F1 driver.

“The car is a bit of a struggle,” Hamilton said.

“It’s crazy how it swings so much from track to track. Just [keeping my] head up, trying to figure out how we can get the car working at the moment.

“It’s a little bit loose and not doing what we want it to do. So yeah, difficult day.”

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Mercedes team landed in Hungary with an ambition to make the second best impression of the 2022. The team hoped to beat the best result of second and third at French GP, last Sunday. The German team capitalized Ferrai’s misery and beaten the Red Bull’s outright pace.

Hamilton shared his experience after the qualifying in France. He felt good about his car and enjoyed his drive, despite the gap to Red Bull and Ferrari. However, this team he does not feel much of optimism about the Mercedes W13.

“Nothing has changed on the car since last week,” Hamilton said. “I’m the same driver this week as I was last week. But for some reason, this track, it’s not working as well.

“I think once we got it right, the gap is about the same as last week, around a second.”

Hamilton shared the details of damage on his floor during the FP2. He claims that it made it “pretty tricky for the long-run pace”.

“It’s going to be a tough weekend, that’s for sure, but we’ll give it everything and see what we’ve got,” he added.

Russell concedes to Hamilton

Russell supported his team mate opinion and explained that team is trying to diagnose the issue.

“The conditions for Sunday are going to be drastically different. So we were trying quite a few things with the car, using it as a bit of a test session because to be honest,” Russell said.

“You can try and optimise a few things for today, but there’s no use of that, it’s all for the rest of the weekend.

“Even though it was a very tough day, I think it’s been a productive one.”

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