HBO Max Has Removed Some Exclusive Movies From Their Streaming Service

As is the case with a lot of streaming services out there, HBO Max subscribers have access to a wide variety of original content alongside movies and TV shows that originally premiered/aired elsewhere. On the film side of things, HBO Max has been delivering movies you’ll only find on the platform since An American Pickle, which premiered a little over two months after HBO Max launched to the public. However, it turns out that this Seth Rogen movie, along with five other HBO Max movies, have been quietly taken off the service.

Just like Netflix and Hulu, each month HBO Max announces what movies and TV shows will be added to the service during the following month, as well as what will be leaving during that period. But in the case of An American Pickle, Moonshot, Superintelligence, The Witches remake, Locked Down and Charm City Kings, there was no prior warning. These six movies have simply been taken off HBO Max over the last several weeks without any fuss, although they can still be purchased or rented through third-party VOD platforms. Variety also reported that the House Party reboot, which had been slated to hit HBO Max on July 28, has been taken off the 2022 release calendar.

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