Help for students: Legault proposes to create a virtual platform

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TROIS-RIVIÈRES — To improve assistance for students in difficulty, a future Coalition Avenir Québec government would create a new online platform as early as 2023, it says.

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The platform would allow students in need of support to be followed virtually by professionals and parents to obtain advice, CAQ Leader François Legault said Tuesday.

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He took advantage of his visit to Trois-Rivières to chat with a group of teenagers at the Le Chakado youth centre.

The teens essentially told him of their desire to have more financial education courses, more concrete and relevant information that could better equip them for the future.

Legault praised the merits of the youth centres and said he wanted to support them more, adding that he was also committed to increasing the offer of professional services online.

Still too many students in difficulty do not have access to the necessary support resources, which can accentuate the delays, the CAQ says.

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The CAQ would invest $63 million in a virtual platform intended for students. It would invite part-time employees and retirees from the education network to participate in the initiative.

“We are confident that there will be professionals who do not work full time who will come and give us hours,” Legault said in the press scrum.

He clarified that the services that would be offered on the virtual platform would not replace those that must be given in person in schools. This is a complementary offer, he said.

The platform would offer each student personalized content and a support service for parents who do not have access to specialized services for their child, the CAQ says.

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