Hillary Clinton befuddled by Americans’ lack of appreciation for Democrats

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday she does not understand why more Americans are not embracing President Biden and Democratic officials’ work.

The Democratic Party’s failed 2016 presidential nominee told NBC that hand-wringing was part of Democrats’ DNA and she thought Democrats needed to do a better job of making their case to voters ahead of this year’s midterm elections.

“I’m not quite sure what the disconnect is between the accomplishments of the administration and this Congress and the understanding of what’s been done and the impact it will have on the American public and some of the polling and the ongoing hand-wringing,” Mrs. Clinton said on “Meet the Press.”

President Biden’s approval rating is underwater, and Real Clear Politics average of polls shows a majority of voters, 51.8%, grading Mr. Biden unfavorably.

NBC’s Chuck Todd pointed to declining public support for Mr. Biden since America’s exit from Afghanistan.

“A lot of speculation is that this trouble for President Biden politically started with the chaotic withdrawal in Afghanistan,” Mr. Todd said. “Do you buy that?”

“I don’t think it helped,” Mrs. Clinton said. “I think that is obviously the case. I think that the performance with respect to Ukraine has been excellent.”

Mrs. Clinton said Democrats needed to more forcefully defend Mr. Biden.

“There is a lot of good accomplishments to be putting up on the board and the Democrats, in office and out, need to be doing a better job of making the case and frankly standing up to the other side with their craziness,” Mrs. Clinton said.

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