How 1883’s Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Felt About That ‘Heartbreaking’ Season 1 Finale

Spoilers below for the season finale of 1883, so be warned if you haven’t yet watched!

1883’s penultimate episode put the writing on the wall regarding Elsa Dutton’s fate, and as much as fans may have hoped that she was somehow shot with the one Lakota arrow that hadn’t been dipped in feces, the Season 1 finale cut those hopes down to size. The optimism-fueled Elsa appeared as if she’d be the spinoff’s main character throughout its run, thanks in part to Isabel May’s graceful performance and sorrowful voiceovers, and while that wasn’t meant to be, her death was revealed to be the entire reason the Yellowstone timeline exists as it does. Of course, such narrative importance wouldn’t offer much comfort to James or Margaret, and it didn’t stop the tears from pouring out of May’s on-screen parents Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

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