How A Captain America Toy Helped Chris Evans Understand His Lightyear Role A Little Better

Merchandising is always an interesting subject to tackle when a huge movie like Toy Story hits theaters. As the release of the upcoming movie Lightyear approaches, that’s a subject that’s doubly of interest. Thanks to Chris Evans becoming the third actor to lend their voice to a version of Buzz, the unique meta-approach that focuses on the character who inspired the toys can be a bit tricky to keep straight. That’s why one special Captain America toy came in handy when Evans himself was pondering the concept himself.

Speaking with Chris Evans during the press day for Lightyear, I posed the rather existential question of whether or not he had a Marvel Cinematic Universe toy that gave Steve Rogers a voice other than his own. As it turns out, every toy of Captain America has someone else’s readings of catchphrases. That being said, Evans told CinemaBlend that one of the first toys for the First Avenger actually bore a striking resemblance that informed his performance:

You know, a funny story, actually, there was some toy that they put out that they wanted me to do the voice for. But I ended up having my brother do it. My younger brother, who sounds similar to me, is the voice of one of the main original toys of Captain America. But again, that’s one of the reasons why I was able to at least wrap my head around this project when they explained what it was going to be. To understand why maybe it wouldn’t be Tim Allen’s voice.

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