How The Witcher’s Freya Allan Trained For Ciri’s Badass Scenes And Why She Found Them ‘Exhilarating

It took a while to get to us, but when one of the best Netflix shows, The Witcher, finally returned for new episodes, it certainly turned out to be worth the wait. As we’d been promised, Geralt and Ciri were beginning to lean into their new surrogate father / daughter roles, with the grunting monster-hunter taking the exiled princess to his childhood home / training ground. We’d also been told that young Ciri would become “a lot more brutal,” and that was evident as Geralt began training her. It led to Ciri having some truly badass scenes, and Freya Allan has opened up about how she trained for them and why they were “exhilarating.”

How Did Freya Allan Train For Ciri’s Badass Scenes In The Witcher?

Season 2 of The Witcher had to focus, in part, on Geralt helping Ciri with actual fighting skills she could use to protect herself (along with finding someone to help her use chaos), which worked well to fix a regret the showrunner had about the first season. So, Freya Allan had a new challenge in playing Ciri, as she needed to start her own training journey to learn how to fight as her character was. In a new video posted to the show’s YouTube page, Allan talked about the process for her training, and said:

I remember the first time I went in I was doing choreography with daggers, with my stunt double, and that was so much fun, I was immediately addicted and hooked. As time went on we sort of moved on to swords and learnt the basic sword work. Once I learnt the basics it became a lot easier to pick up choreography and things.

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