Kenyan McDuffie Officially Kicked Off Ballot For AG, Appeals Court Rules

It might be a bit early to print the obituary of Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie. But the D.C. Court of Appeals’ latest ruling has Loose Lips working on a draft.

On Thursday, a three-judge panel rejected McDuffie’s attempt to get back on the ballot in the race for attorney general, upending the contest to replace retiring AG Karl Racine and leaving McDuffie without a job in just a few months. The judges ruled that the D.C. Board of Elections made the right call in deciding that McDuffie wasn’t eligible for the AG race because he’s not “actively engaged” as an attorney, as D.C. statute requires.

Rumors swirled about McDuffie’s qualifications for the ballot for months (particularly because of his strong fundraising totals and long history in local politics) but the issue didn’t truly surface until fellow contender Bruce Spiva formally challenged his eligibility about a month ago. That gamble seems to have paid off, leaving Spiva, the Racine-endorsed Brian Schwalb, and Ryan Jones as the remaining contenders in the Democratic primary.

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