Liam Neeson Shoots Down A Popular James Bond Rumor About Him And Pierce Brosnan

Often when discussing the ‘90s era history of James Bond movies, Liam Neeson’s name has been circulated at one point or another as having been a potential candidate during that time. That sort of speculation is as easy to believe, as his particular set of acting skills would have been welcome in the void left after Timothy Dalton’s Bond duology had concluded. 

Being both a fan of Liam Neeson and the Bond legacy, I took the opportunity to ask the actor about whether or not he pined for what could have been. This was especially pertinent, as we were both sitting down for an interview to promote his latest film, Memory, which is directed by GoldenEye’s Martin Campbell and starred Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. Here’s how Neeson let the world down gently:

No, not really. Journalists in the past have said, ‘Oh, I believe you were offered James Bond?’ I wasn’t offered James Bond. The Broccolis were looking at various actors, I was included, this is many years ago. And then Pierce was offered it, and rightfully so. I wasn’t offered it, I was one of quite a few actors they all saw, you know.

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