Lucifer Showrunners Look Back On The ‘Bittersweet’ Ending And Their Goal For The Series Finale

Believe it or not, Lucifans, but almost one full year has passed since the series finale released on Netflix back in September of 2021. Lucifer survived one network TV cancellation and then even got a bonus season just when it seemed that the streamer would wrap the story with Season 5. Now, executive producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich are looking back at how the beloved series ended, and what they’d hoped to accomplish with it. 

With Lucifer’s sixth and final season coming to DVD and Blu-ray on September 13, the time has never been better to get ready to revisit how the devilish series finished. Despite Lucifer and Chloe trying to make sure that he wouldn’t disappear from their time-traveling daughter’s life before she was even born, Lucifer found his calling, and it was one that meant he couldn’t stay with them. While he and Chloe did eventually reunite, Rory still went through her childhood without her dad.

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