McConnell pledges to force Biden to ‘moderate’ center if GOP retakes Congress

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell promised Sunday that if Republicans retake control of Congress in November, they will force President Biden to govern from the moderate center of American politics.

Mr. McConnell, Kentucky Republican, told “Fox News Sunday” the GOP would chart a realistic course if they have the majority in the House and the Senate next year, since Democrats will still control the White House until the end of 2024.  

“Obviously, we will have to work with the administration to see what we can agree on but … let me put it this way,” said Mr. McConnell. “Biden ran as a moderate. If I’m the majority leader in the Senate and Kevin McCarthy is the speaker of the House, we’ll make sure Joe Biden is a moderate.”

The minority leader further said that while Republicans are still working on their election-year agenda, voters can expect an emphasis on kitchen-table issues.

“Well our agenda next year, if we’re fortunate to be in a majority, will be focused on exactly what you and I’ve been talking about,” he said. “Crime, education, beefing up the defense of our country.”

Mr. McConnell added that the GOP also would  force Mr. Biden to take a stronger stand against aggression by America’s global competitors.

“We got big power competition with the Russians and the Chinese,” he said. “We need to meet the demands of the international situation.”

The comments come as Republicans have continuously led Democrats on the generic congressional ballot since last November.

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