Minister of Internal Affairs Presents US$3,000 Plus 150 Bags of Rice to Kru Town Stampede Victims’ Relatives  – FrontPageAfrica

Monrovia – As part of efforts to put smiles on the faces of the relatives of the 29 New Kru Town stampede victims, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has presented 150 bags of 25kg rice and US$3,000 to the leadership of the Borough of New Kru Town.

The items, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, were made available by the management of CEMENCO.

Speaking during the presentation, Internal Affairs Minister, Varney Sirleaf, told the grieving families that the government of Liberia is deeply concerned about them.

He stressed that it was important to lobby with other partners to see how best to find something for the family as a means to weep the tears of the victims’ relatives.

“When we heard this incident, we at the ministry thought to get to the Management of CEMENCO to help, as God could have it, they immediately responded to our call,” said Minister Sirleaf.

Minister Sirleaf also informed the people of New Kru Town that the US$3,000 will be divided into two, adding that US$1500 will be presented to the Management of Redemption Hospital for those who got wounded as a result of the incident, while the balance will be for the bereaved family.

Also, the Governor of the Borough of New Kru Town, Moses Doe Weah, praised the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the management of CEMENCO for the kind gesture, adding that it will go down a long way in the lives of relatives of the victims.

Mr. Weah said, “On behalf of the family and people of New Kru Town, we want to recognize the CEMENCO family and other partners for their contributions.”

Adding up, the District 16 Representative, Dixon Seboe, also thanked the management of CEMENCO and the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the level of support to the people of his district.

Representative Seboe also recommended that out of the 150 bags of rice given, at least 25 bags should be presented to the management of Redemption hospital to take care of the other victims.

District 16 Representative also pleaded with those who are spearheading the distribution to be transparent to avoid further embarrassment.

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