Monday Arts Roundup: Ceasing to Print

There’s no way to catch up on the latest arts-related headlines and news stories without first addressing the elephant in the room: It wasn’t an April Fools joke. As of May 5, Washington City Paper will become a digital-first publication without a regular print edition. Unfortunately we will have a smaller staff, but we’ll continue to cover the critical political and cultural news of D.C.

Anacostia Arts: Anacostia Playhouse has once again opened its doors for a bevy of performances under the Transitions/Transformations Festival, which runs through May 1. Throughout the coming month, the festival will include performances by Brave Soul Collective and African-American Collective Theater, interactive work from District Playback Theater Ensemble, a concert series, and a production of Requiem for Black Bodies (April 8-10), written and directed by Renee K. Harrison, as well as the playhouse’s third-annual New Voices New Works.

The festival is the theater’s first project helmed by its new artistic executive director, Stephawn Stephens, who has served as the playhouse’s artistic director since 2019. In his new role, Stephens will lead fundraising programs, artistic and community engagement initiatives, and day-to-day operations. In the April 4 press release announcing Stephens’ new position, he called it a “privilege and honor” to be chosen by the board to lead the playhouse and said he will continue to build established and new relationships “create great art.” 

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