Neil Gaiman Fans Are Having A Field Day After LOTR Troll Erroneously Blamed Sandman Creator For Amazon’s New Fantasy Show

Lord of the Rings’ new series may have been expensive to produce, but it’s certainly gotten people talking, including popular author Neil Gaiman. After being an absolute savage in his response to Elon Musk’s Tweet about the Lord of the Rings prequel Rings of Power, the author was blamed by a confused person for some problems they have with the LOTR prequel. The issue here is Gaiman is not behind the new Amazon series and never has been; this Twitter troll simply got his fantasy authors mixed up, and subsequently, fans were having a field day over it.

For some backstory, Rings of Power has been positively reviewed by critics and viewed by 25 million. However, there is a group bombing the LOTR show’s reviews, criticizing the casting of people of color and women. This has caused an outcry on social media from both sides. While people continue to hate on the show, some of the original Lord of the Rings movies cast have spoken out in support of the new series’ choices. 

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