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The new coach of Manchester United, Erik ten Hag continues to show good development, after he officially joined the team. This can be seen from the performance of Manchester United during the 2022 pre-season trial.

The slick performance of Manchester United players, of course, cannot be separated from the trust built within the team. Regarding that, the Dutch passport coach has his own way to win the hearts of players, so that they believe in him.

Because, like that, Erik ten Hag is not just a tactically mature plan. The former Ajax Amsterdam tactician also stirred up the players’ mentality. One way is to criticise the players.

According to him, a player must get used to being criticised. Because criticism is something to build a player’s career.

“Criticism is part of when you play football. You have to deal with it and we have to deal with it,” said Erik ten Hag, quoted by Sky Sports.

Furthermore, he said he would shape his players to be ready in every way. The goal is that the team nicknamed the Red Devils can realise the pending targets.

“The only thing we can influence is the way we play. It starts with being a team, being united and having a structure with a good concept,” he added.

Erik ten Hag said he was optimistic that his team would celebrate something good in the 2022-2023 season. However, the most important thing is to maintain consistency in every game. 

“When you do that and work hard, you will gain confidence in yourself, the team and other individuals,” he said. 

As far as information is concerned, facing the 2022-2023 English League, Manchester United will play at Old Trafford on Sunday, August 7, 2022. The Red Devils will host Brighton & Hove Albion in their inaugural match.

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