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MONROVIA – The Standard Bearer of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel E. Cassell and scores of other executives of the party have stormed Lofa County to re-establish relationship and seek the blessings of his elders, religious and traditional leaders in commencement of his tour across Liberia to ascertain and help solve some of the mountainous problems confronting Liberia and its citizens.

Hundreds of citizens, including chiefs, elders, traditional leaders, market women, youths, among others lined up the principal streets of the county to welcome Dr. Cassell and his entourage to the county.

They were singing and heaping praises on the PLP Vision Bearer for his countless number of contributions towards alleviating the sufferings of the Liberian people.

Speaking when he made a brief stop in Gbarlin Clan, Gorlu Town and

Telemai Town in Salayea district respectively, observed that the living conditions of vast majority of citizens of the county were appalling.

He noted that he and his political party will provide the requisite assistance needed in a bid to help improve the living conditions of the citizenry in Lofa and across the country.

He, however, vowed to assiduously work with the locals to address some of their challenges in the soonest possible time.

He observed that Liberians are skillful and talented people, but the lack of adequate supports to enable them realize their full potential have been lacking over the decades.

“I want to thank the chiefs, traditional and religious leaders for welcoming us. We have heard your petition and those things you asked for are not too much.  Most of our young and older people want to help themselves. They are only asking for support and by the grace of God, we are going to help you”.

“Our coming here today is for two reasons; the first is to meet with you all and to introduce the son of the soil who God has risen out of the county of Lofa and out of parents that are both Lorma and Gbandi and that makes me 100% Lofan. I am very much familiar with your problems. 

Abandon our county

Dr. Cassell observed that despite being the bread basket of Liberia, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led-government has abandoned Lofa.

Residents of Lofa lack access to better road connectivity, access to safe drinking water, health facilities, and market buildings, among others.

He noted that as evidenced to that, citizens and residents of the county are still struggling to have access to basic social services and improved living conditions.

He stated that despite being in a modern era, citizens of the county continue to lack basic necessities needed to survive.

Dr. Cassell indicated that the alleged abandonment of the citizens of Lofa by government reneging to carry on development initiatives and provide them basic social services needed continue to carry citizens of the county backward.

“I am familiar with the fact that national government has abandoned our county for reasons best known to themselves. They have thrown us away to make us look like we do not exist anymore. That has to change and that is going to change”.

Seeking blessings

“I have come to you all today as traditions, religious leaders, elders and Town Chiefs to tell you people that this your son, who is from a humble background and God has taken across the ocean, educated and brought back to serve his people, I have come to present myself to you in respect of our traditions. I come in humility and humble myself to your in respect to ask for our blessings as I am vying for the highest office in the land come 2023 and your support, prayers to the PLP”.

Not waiting to become president

Dr. Cassell used the occasion to inform Liberians that with what God has blessed him with, he is not waiting to excel to the presidency before helping to solve challenges citizens are faced with across the country.

He assured citizens of Lofa that as part of him and his party’s efforts to ease some of their challenges, he will ensure that the Liberation Transportation Service of the PLP provides cheap and affordable transportation for them.

He added that citizens of the county will now have the opportunity to go to and from their respective destination on the PLP buses by paying a minimum fare.

“We will always do our best, whatever capacity that we can do, we will do. You can assure that we love you all and we are here to help you”.

Not playing politics

Dr. Cassell noted that his multiple gestures to citizens across Liberia should not be seen as politics.

He disclosed that for about seven years, he has been providing helping hands to Liberians void of any favor or political interest.

“We are not playing politics; the politics that the recycled politicians played around electioneering period. They will not come to you until the six years is about to end and they will come to you to get your votes. But we are here to re-establish the relationship that I had with my people. I am here to let my people know that I am working for you”.

Will not let you down

Dr. Cassell described himself as “a man of my words and integrity”, vowing to fulfill all promises made to the Liberian people.

“There is a set time for everything. I haven’t been here with you before; I have been working around and I have come to meet you and to let you know that I am going to work with you as a servant and not a ruler of the people. I promise between man and God, I will not let you down. What I said I am going to do for you, I will do it. I am here to serve and help the people”.

He urged the citizens to open up their minds for God to speak and direct their thinking towards the vision of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP).

He, however, presented several cartoons of copybooks, sanitary materials and cash to citizens of the two towns.

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