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MONROVIA — The People’s Liberation Party (PLP) has vowed to send a high power delegation to the United States to ascertain information surrounding circumstances that led to the reported arrest of the party’s Standard Bearer Dr. Daniel E. Cassell.

Dr. Cassell, the vision bearer of the party was arrested in Georgia, USA on March 17 upon arrival in the country.

He was held as Fugitive from the Law in Georgia and is likely to be extradited to Pennsylvania to face prosecution.

FrontPageAfrica gathered that Dr. Cassell’s medical agency in Pennsylvania was allegedly involved in double billing medical agencies and accumulated up to U$3.6 million through the scheme. The funds were allegedly funneled through his Dr. Daniel E. Cassell Foundation which has carried out numerous humanitarian activities here in Liberia.

But in a statement issued in Monrovia on Thursday, March 24 under the signature of Mr. Tapple E. Doe, National Chairman, the party disclosed that it will send a delegation which will include legal experts to the United States of America to ascertain information and determine the party’s next course of action.

The party further urged its partisans and supporters not to panic in the midst of the situation.

“Please be informed that we have been made aware of an active and ongoing investigation involving our standard bearer Dr. Daniel E. Cassell in the United States of America.  As a political party we pride ourselves in the rule of law, therefore as we gather more information, we will notify the public in keeping with our commitment to transparency”, the party stated.

It added: “Meanwhile, The People’s Liberation Party (PLP) continues to operate with all of its structures in place. The National Chairman, Hon Tapple E. Doe will continue to lead the party.

We called on all our partisans, well-wishers, sympathizers, political allies, etc to remain calm and motivated as we move towards 2023”.

Mixed reactions

Since news of the arrest of the Standard Bearer of the PLP broke out late Wednesday evening, there have been mixed reactions from the public both home and in the diaspora.

Some citizens especially supporters of Dr. Cassell, who is a humanitarian-turned politician, have been expressing sympathies and regrets over the incident, while few others, especially public officials and supporters of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) have been mocking the situation and welcoming the arrest.

.”Dr. Daniel Cassell came back to America to deal with his issues surrounding the allege fraud. I am assuming this since he was described as fugitive. That could mean he was aware there was an arrest warrant for him. I give him credit to have what it takes to come face justice.. Haven’t said that, we all should wait and see if he is actually guilty of the crime he is charged with”, Emmanuel Savice, an advocate for the establishment of a war and economic crimes court in Liberia, stated on his official Facebook page.

PLP National Chairman Mr. Tapple E. Doe

He continued: “In Liberia, you have the likes of Prince Y. Johnson (PYJ), George Boley, other murderers and Economic looters serving as your leaders, but most of you don’t care. How do you care so much about what Dr. Cassell allegedly did in America but decide to let CRIMINAL loose in Liberia. Liberia truly needs to address MENTAL HEALTH”.

Thierry Genesis writes: “Dr. Daniel E. Cassell’s arrest in the US should send a message to Liberia’s justice system that nobody should be above the law! A criminal defendant who commits perjury should be punished regardless he’s a coco cola giant or not”.

“Dr. Daniel E. Cassell is a devoted Christian. No weapon fashioned against him shall prosper”, Sekou Kamara stated.

He continued: “No question about the legitimacy of Dr. Cassell’s multi-million organizations in the US. NO question about his status despite getting it after over 20 years because living in America without status is not a crime. Consequently, you don’t only get to return to the States contingent on the number of days you overstayed your Visa. Just for his staffers to be allegedly involved in over billing clients as local dailies are reporting, pro-government media institutions and other opposition political figures are using it to either destroy him or laugh about it. Who knows whether UNDERCOVERED CDCIANS are working in his organization to destroy him. Dr. Cassell is on record for employing Liberians in his organization. The Justice system in America is not the same as in Liberia. The Americans want to know what went wrong. He is the owner – therefore it is understandable to ask him every necessary question”.

On the other hand, the government, through Deputy Information Minister for Press and Public Affairs, Jarlawah Tonpo, has been using the situation to throw jibes at the PLP Standard Bearer.

“You want power but you are all over the place duping people in America,” he stated.

Dr. Cassell has been a strong advocate against corruption, bad governance, and disrespect for the rule of law in Liberia.

Through his Dr. Cassell Foundation, he has tremendously contributed towards all sectors of the Liberian society, including the construction of bridges, market buildings, rehabilitation of roads, among others.

He is also regarded for his adequate and affordable transportation service on 25 buses plying across Monrovia and other parts of the country, donations to less fortunate, under-privileged, physically challenged, visually impaired and other needy Liberian citizens.

Dr. Cassell is also one of those who have the highest number of scholarship students attending grade schools and universities across Liberia.

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