Quebec to increase revenue exemption for low-income single-parent support payments

Starting next year, parents can receive up to $500 per child per month without such payments working against their eligibility for other programs.

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Thousands of low-income single-parent families in Quebec will get some relief as support payment exemptions increase for some social assistance programs.

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The measure, included in the provincial budget plan, received little attention at first.

As of April 1, 2023, the exclusion of revenues from support payments will increase from $350 to $500 per child, per month. Included in the exemption are welfare payments, student financial aid and legal aid.

For tax purposes, parental support payments are treated as income for the parent. This results in an increased revenue, which could trigger a reduction of social assistance payments.

Labour Minister Jean Boulet estimated that 95 per cent of households — 7,427 out of 7,779 — that receive support payments would benefit from the measure.

“My objective is to increase the amount of revenue available to families with low incomes, including single-parent families,” Boulet said. “That means only if the amount surpasses $500 per child will it enter into the calculation of revenue for the caregiver.”

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