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English football legend David Beckham is currently in the public spotlight. Yes, that was due to his action of being willing to queue for 13 hours to pay his last respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Hall, Friday 16 September 2022 in the early hours of London time.

David Beckham actually does not need to queue, because he is one of the celebrities who received the British imperial title (OBE). Instead of exercising the privilege, he preferred to queue with other mourners, who were also present.

As is known, the long line of mourners to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II reached more than 8 kilometres. David Beckham is reported to have started queuing since 02.00 in the morning London time. Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96 on September 8, 2022.

“I thought it was calmer to come at two in the morning, I was wrong,” said David Beckham.

Not only queuing together with thousands of people who came, David Beckham’s action to buy a box of donuts, also became a highlight. In fact, he also distributed the donuts he bought to fellow mourners who were present there.

Furthermore, according to David Beckham, the departure of Queen Elizabeth II is a difficult time not only for England. But the world also lost the figure of Queen Elizabeth II.

“It’s hard for the nation, it’s hard for everyone around the world because everyone feels it,” he said.

The former Manchester United player also recalled memories with Queen Elizabeth II. For him, his best memory with Queen Elizabeth II is when he received the Order of The British Empire (OBE) award from the queen in 2002.

“In order to receive my OBE, I brought my grandparents who really raised me to be a huge supporter and fan of the royal family,” he recalls. When she received her OBE, Queen Elizabeth II first asked questions and chatted with her. 

“I was so lucky to have a moment like this. it’s in my life, being around Your Majesty,” he said. He also recalled how proud it was to wear the England jersey and captain’s armband while singing God Save The Queen in an international match. “When we did it, it was something special. ,” he said.

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