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CAPITOL HILL, Monrovia – Montserado County District #6 Representative, Samuel R. Enders has introduced a bill before the House of Representative, authorizing the police and other state security actors as well as community watch team members to search and seize any undesirable elements such as narcotic drugs, dangerous weapons and intoxicative substances carried by a citizen, especially youth, within the communities.

The bill, titled, “The Miss Ireland Student-Youth Safety and Redemption Act of 2021” is named in honor of the late Precious Ireland, a 16-year-old student of the Cyber-Ed School of Excellence who was fatally shot to death by her school mate on campus. She was a daughter of Dr. Philip Ireland, a celebrated Liberian medical doctor who is one of several medical personnel recognized for their heroic role during the 2014 deadly Ebola outbreak.

The bill, when passed into law, will make the sale and use of narcotic drugs, dangerous weapons, and intoxicative substances a felonious offense and non-bailable until the case is adjudicated.

Addressing a team of reporters following the submission of the bill, Rep. Enders said his decision to craft the proposed legislation followed careful consultations with major stakeholders including security personnel, educators, parents and community leaders.

He said the bill, when passed into law, will ensure the protection of lives and properties of the citizens and residents, especially the youthful population. “It will help in making the youthful population achieve their dreams and potentials; and make our towns, school campuses, farms, markets, and workplaces safe and always protected,” he said.

Repeating the preamble of the bill, he said the use of uncontrollable substances, such as narcotic drugs – cocaine, crack, marijuana, dangerous weapons such guns, knives, cutlasses and razor blades, and intoxicative substances have now become, at an alarming rate, the normal business ventures for most people, especially the youthful generation; thus rendering thousands of them outcast, nowadays referred to as zogoes, in the communities.

He said there is a need for the nation to put into place some controlling mechanisms which shall lead to controlling the use of these narcotic drugs, dangerous weapons, and intoxicative substances, thereby minimizing, if not eliminating, the alarming rate of murder, rape, armed robbery, stealing and hijacking, among others in the towns, schools, markets, farms and workplaces. 

He further stated, “It is an open secret that Liberia, once known as a nation of peace, innovation, intuition, kindness, developmental oriented and lover of justice, has, in recent years, slipped deeper into poverty, greed and corruption, injustice, party politics and loyalty over national loyalty, poor education and health care, personal  interest over national interest, lack of coordination between branches of government, misuse of power and, most importantly, lack of vision as the good O Lord has said that “where there is no vision, the nation perished”.

Meanwhile, in an unprecedented move, the Montserrado County District #6 lawmaker introduced a total of five bills including the “Miss Ireland Student-Youth Safety and Redemption Act” before the House adjourned for its quarterly break on Tuesday.

The others include, “The Liberian Great Gift Act of 2021”, establishing the first endowment for each county, mini industries, housing unit, football academy, jobs and improving agriculture; “The Liberian Accountability and Decency Act of 2021” which is calling for the empowerment of victims of character assignation, holding perpetrators accountable, protecting women, and protecting the image of the nation; “The Liberian Decent Healthcare Act of 2022”,  making healthcare available at the time it is needed most, especially during emergency and time of childbirth, “The Liberian Women-Children Mixed Race Rights Act of 2022”, empowering Liberian Women and Mothers.

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