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Barclayville – massive and rousing welcome is planned for Grand Kru Legislative Caucus by citizens and residents of the county, regardless of political affiliations and religions, as a way of showing appreciation following the feat recorded under the caucus’ leadership as well as the unprecedented development initiatives in the county.

According to the itinerary, the Caucus will depart Monrovia on Saturday, March 26 for the first 2022 Constituency Visit to Grand Kru County.

During the constituency visit, the Caucus will discuss issues pertaining to development, the well being of the people including ground breaking, dedication and assessment of projects as well as receive endorsements by cross section of citizens and residents of the county.

Deputy Speaker and Acting Chairman of the Grand Kru Legislative Caucus, Hon. Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa and Senate President Pro Tempore Albert Chìe will hold citizens’ engagement with the people of Bolloh in Doeswen, and dedicate the Youth Center in Geeken funded by the President Pro Tempore.

The duo will inspect the projects of the Deputy Speaker and Grand Kru County District #2 Representative
in Buah, including the ongoing construction of the Sally A. Togbabou in Wropluken as well as break grounds for the construction of Townhall in Tarken and dedicate the Buah Jlateken Clinic.

The itinerary furthered that thereafter, the caucus will separately embark on their respective citizens engagements, and then converge in Barclayville on Monday, 11th April 2022 for the three-day’s County Sitting.

Accordingly, the Deputy Speaker and Grand Kru County District #2 will hold citizens’ engagement in Niplaikpo, and then visit Poe, Civilized Village, Nrokia, Diayeakpo and Sasstown Downbeach, Nyankunkpo, Newtown, Jarkarkpo, Kaykpo and Barforwen.

The engagement will continue in Jloh Statutory District with the convergence of citizens of Jloh in Nifu.

In Barclayville, the Deputy Speaker will visit Topor, Kayken, Small Suehn and Big Suehn and also attend an Endorsement Ceremony organized by the Gbalakpo Community and break grounds for a construction of the fifth school in the Kayken Community in Grand Kru County.

It is anticipated that the Deputy Speaker will visit the county’s referral hospital in Grandcess and the 10 handpumps project known as the JFK Safe Drinking Water Project. After which, he will launch Phase Two.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Speaker anticipates to inspect construction site of the Dweken Universal Access Tower, the Ahteenah House (the home of Ahteenah Radio and TV) which is under construction in Barclayville as well as the renovation and rebranding of the Voice of Sasstown.

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