Salah Czapary’s Old Police Academy Instructor Doesn’t Think He’s Ready for the Ward 1 Council Job

Regenna Grier, a 35-year veteran of the Metropolitan Police Department, remembers crossing paths with a bright young recruit about six years ago. She was impressed with Salah Czapary back then, but she can’t understand why he’s running for Council now.

Grier served as one of Czapary’s instructors at the police academy and got to know him a bit, so she kept tabs on his career where she could. He rose through the ranks quickly—so quickly that Grier was a bit surprised. Czapary spent just over a year as a patrol officer, then jumped over to a civilian role in MPD headquarters and stayed there before quitting his job to run for office. 

Grier hadn’t given him much thought recently, however, until learning he was running to unseat Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau. She was surprised to see someone with a relatively short resume running for higher office already, giving her the distinct impression that his time in the department was simply “career building.” 

As a Maryland resident who has since retired from the department, she doesn’t have much skin in the game. But she’s chosen to speak out about her concerns about Czapary anyway, bringing them first to Nadeau, and then directly to Loose Lips.

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