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Mick Schumacher, Haas Formula 1 driver, is not surprised by new F1 deal between Ferrari and Carlos Sainz Jr. He does not think it will “really change much” for him at his team and it was an “obvious step” for the team.

Last week at Imola, Ferrari F1 team announced a new agreement with Sainz. The engagement between the two will remain intact at the end of the 2024 season.

The new contract ensures a stability for the team. The team will run with the same driver line-up, Sainz with is team mate Charles Leclerc, at the end of 2024.

Schumacher is the member of Ferrari Driver Academy. He is the only one with the membership and a F1 seat. He is currently driving his second season with the Haas. Additionally, he is a Ferrari reserve driver.

However, he believe the new contract was obvious. He claims that the deal will not influence his focus at Haas.

“I think it’s the obvious step for Ferrari,” Schumacher said.

“They have two great drivers, and Carlos obviously had a great season last year and also had a pretty good few races this year.

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“So yeah, it was clear. For me, it doesn’t really change much as my job is to do my best here now.

“And that’s with Haas right now.”

Binotto agrees with Schumacher

Mattia Binotto, Ferrari F1 boss, says that the team did not consider another option for the team.

“Carlos did very well last year. He integrated into the team. He’s a very strong driver,” Binotto said.

“I think that for us, looking at the future, trying to create the right foundations, it was important to renew at that time of the season.

“So we know now from now the end of 2024, we can count on a fantastic line-up. And that’s not any more a distraction for the team.”

Fernando Alonso, fellow Spaniard, showed his content on the new deal announcement. The team will remain strong under new regulations with this new deal.

“[I’m] happy for him obviously and for Ferrari, I think they did good to continue with him after a good season last year and a good start now,” Alonso said.

“Obviously, they have the fastest car now. So it’s good to see Carlos in that car for a few more years. And with these new regulations, they should stay a very competitive package.”

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