Sen. Chris Murphy: U.S., allies planning to seize Vladimir Putin’s assets

A Democratic senator said Monday that the U.S. and its allies are looking to seize the assets of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Sen. Chris Murphy, Connecticut Democrat and a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, made the announcement on Twitter after “just leaving [a] classified briefing on Ukraine crisis.”

“The U.S. and allies are coordinating to not only freeze the assets of Putin and his oligarch allies, but to seize those assets as well,” Mr. Murphy said as part of a four-tweet thread.

“This is likely a further step than Putin’s inner circle anticipated,” he wrote, adding that he was detailing only “a few takeaways that I can share.”

Among the other things Mr. Murphy said he learned at the briefing were that the Russian military is not advancing as quickly as it thought it would and that America’s allies and Ukraine’s neighbors have been able to keep open supply lines to Ukraine.

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