Sign Thievery Accusations Emerge as Nadeau-Czapary Feud Ratchets Up in Ward 1

No political season is complete without some last-minute drama about campaign signs being torn down, defaced, or stolen, and it seems D.C.’s 2022 primary is no exception. This time, the controversy has settled in Ward 1, where things are starting to get a bit weird.

It all started last weekend, when a political action committee backed by several local unions supporting Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau started putting up some spicy signs targeting one of her opponents, former police officer Salah Czapary. The group was already sending out mailers highlighting a pair of Republicans that served prominent roles in his campaign, and it doubled down with roughly 500 signs doing the same, complete with a QR code linking to Loose Lips’ last article on the issue.

Volunteers posted those signs over the course of Sunday night, and by Monday morning, a “quite significant” number had disappeared, according to Vicky Leonard, political director for D.C.’s local LiUNA affiliate. She began posting people to watch the remaining signs, which is how one volunteer managed to grab a video of a masked man ripping one down in Adams Morgan Monday. (It quickly gained lots of traction on Twitter.)

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