Star Trek Icons Pay Tribute To Uhura Actress Nichelle Nichols Including George Takei And William Shatner

The entertainment world sadly lost a few titans this past weekend, one of which was Star Trek legend Nichelle Nichols, who died at the age of 89. The veteran actress famously played the role of Lt. Nyoto Uhura in the original series, its theatrical follows and more (all of which is all steamable with a Paramount+ subscription). Since Nichols’ passing was made known to the public, fans across the web have been paying tribute to the trailblazing star. And among those who are honoring her memory are fellow Trek alums like George Takei and Willliam Shatner. 

George Takei, who famously played the role of USS Enterprise helmsman Hikaru Sulu through the OG show and the films, shared some sentimental thoughts about Nichelle Nichols. In an Instagram post, he warmly memorialized his late co-star and in a separate one, shared a sweet photo of the two of them:

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