Suspect and victim in fatal LaSalle stabbing were a couple: reports

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The victim was attacked Thursday at about 8:45 a.m. in an outdoor parking lot on des Oblats St. She was taken to a hospital in critical condition and succumbed to her injuries Thursday afternoon. Her death was the 22nd reported homicide on the island of Montreal this year.

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The man who was arrested was charged at the Montreal courthouse in December with uttering threats toward the woman. According to Le Journal de Montréal, they were a couple and had three young children. The newspaper also reported that the woman was stabbed after she had placed her three children inside her vehicle.

On Dec. 13, the day after the man made his first appearance in court in the case involving the alleged threat, he was granted a conditional release after agreeing to follow a series of conditions. In January he was arrested a second time and was charged with violating three of those conditions, including that he not be within 200 metres of the woman who was killed on Thursday and that he not communicate with her.

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He was kept in custody following his second arrest. His trial on the charge involving the alleged threat began in May and his lawyer filed a motion asking that he be released while the case proceeded. At some point in the trial, the woman testified for the defence. The man’s lawyer later argued, as part of the motion seeking to have the man released, that the prosecution’s case “was greatly diminished by the testimony of the (woman) at the trial.” The case was based solely on the woman’s testimony.

The defence lawyer also argued that “the time in detention spent by the (man) is greatly disproportionate to the sentence he could receive if he were to be guilty of the accusation.”

On June 21, the man was acquitted of uttering threats toward the woman and was released. The charges alleging he breached his conditions in January are still pending. His last court date in that case was on Aug. 31, and his next court date was scheduled for Dec. 2.

The same man was charged in 2019 with uttering threats and two counts of assault, but he was acquitted in that case as well last year.

Presse Canadienne contributed to this report.


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