TAMA’s new Meme Coin Catches Fire as it Raises $11 Million in Four Weeks

The world held its breath; TAMA has raised $12 million and is still counting. It is incredible how great success this coin reached in the early stage of the presale, with no stops in value growth. This rising star is among the fastest-sold meme coins in the market and one of the most attractive coins for new investors.

There is the reason why this potentially new superior meme coin is so attractive and has had impressive success for a short time. Behind the project are two experienced and well-informed developers, Tomas Seabrook, a lead games developer, and Carl Dawkins, a head of growth. They should promise impressive results in developing crypto and currently creating a most valued game. There are rumors that the project is backed by one of the most famous investors, Elon Musk.

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Why is Tamadoge so impressive?

Those names are significant since both have experience in developing P2E games before. Both have learned a lot about the gaming industry, especially those types of gaming. Learning from mistakes and faults made in Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, they have improved all falls and created a perfect game. They will not stop there, though. They are expected to make their Metaverse game world called Tamaverse, where players can interact with their pets in an augmented reality environment. 

The pets will be accessible in the 2D web environment, but each pet NFT will be associated with a 3D avatar made in Tamaverse. However, avatars and pets are not just an image of the coin. They are a piece of art, a unique NFT creation that owners can share, sell, and invest in performing. Players could earn from creating their pet under this game and extraordinary gaming world. Experts claim that it is the best coin to invest in. 

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