The Northman’s Director Explains Why The Movie Changed In Post-Production More Than The Witch And The Lighthouse

Every writer/director has their own way of making movies, and this can always be seen in the evolution of their work through the stages of production. Some know exactly what they are making as soon as they finish a script; others feed off collaboration during production to help bring together big ideas; and there are filmmakers who find the heart of their work during the editing process.

Robert Eggers is a perfect example of a pre-production guy, and it shows in his work. The special level of historical realism and feeling of specificity in his movies is achieved through detailed research and vision coalesces and is clarified in drafts of the screenplay. This has been the case for all three of his films thus far – The Witch, The Lighthouse, and The Northman – though he notes that his latest was a project that did evolve somewhat differently, given that it was his first project where he didn’t have total authority when it came to changes made in the editing room.

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